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Spray Pyrolysis System

Spray Pyrolysis System
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The IRASOL spray pyrolysis system is specifically designed to make thin films in solution-based methods, and can deposit layers with nanometric scale precision. In the design of this device, an anti-shock glass has been chosen as a hot plate. This glass has a high chemical resistance and is immune to the interaction with substances that are sprayed. It also has two high and low power ranges which can increase the temperature up to 450 °C, so this device can be used instead of conventional furnaces.

This system is provided in two different models, i.e. SPS-3000 and SPS-4000. SPS-3000 is a manual model and SPS-4000 is equipped with a spray-driven motor. The process of deposition is done by adjusting the distance and angle to the surface. The systems consist of a spray gun with a glass container.

  • Spray dryer
  • Deposition of thin layers
  • Increasing surface hydrophobicity
  • Growth of oxide layers on silicon wafer

Details of technical specifications are presented in the following Table.


The use of spray pyrolysis is a very common method for deposition of thin films. This method has great potential for making all kinds of nanoscale films. Many of these layers will be used in a variety of applications.

  • A high current is necessary to turn on the device, especially for working at maximum power, i.e. 2000 watts.
  • Hot plate should be exposed to the cool air. Do not cover the hot plate box and its surrounding walls.
  • Make sure that the military socket is connected to the desired location before turning the device on.
  • In case of using device as a furnace, the continuous working time should not exceed than 3 hours.
  • For more details on how to use the device, refer to the device catalog and user guide.
  • The use of a three phase power supply or a 25 A single phase power supply is recommended.
  • Avoid touching the hot plate when the system is working.
  • Any damage resulting from the opening of the device or the tampering with the warranty tag after delivery to the customer will invalidate the warranty of the device. So contact us if you need any changes or repairs.

Product Standard

  • Certificate of Nanotechnology

    Certificate of Nanotechnology

    Standard Date : 2019/03/21

    Expire Date : 2022/03/22

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2019/03/05

    Expire Date : 2020/03/03



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