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Welding Electrode with Alkaline Coating Resistant to Moisture Absorption

Welding Electrode with Alkaline Coating containing Nanoparticles Resistant to Moisture Absorption
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Hydrogen cracking is considered as a defect in welding which often happens in heat affected zone (HAZ) and can severely affect the quality of welded zone, resulting in irrecoverable damages.  Hence it is vital to prevent such defects. One of the Hydrogen cracking reasons is entering moisture to the weld metal through electrode coating. Therefore production of moisture resistant welding electrodes and satisfying AWS A5.1 standard test is the main goal of electrode manufacturers. Using nanotechnology and especially nanoparticles in production of welding electrode coating is one of the solutions to this challenge.

This product according to AWS A5.1 is known as moisture resistant alkaline welding electrodes.

Nanoparticles act as Nano filler to fill electrode coating pores and prevent moisture absorption. The following table shows the coating moisture content of one of the alkaline electrodes in the absorption moisture test according to AWS A5.1.

SampleE7018 Nano-free coating (control)E7018 Nano-free coating (control)E7018 with coating containing nanoparticles (final)

E7018 with coating containing nanoparticles (final)

 Diameter (mm)4334
Coating moisture content (Wt.%)1.621.230.16

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2019/02/21

    Expire Date : 2020/02/20



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