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Doorknob with Decorative Cover

Doorknob With Decorative Nanostructured Coating
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Home and kitchen furniture accessories are decorative appliances that Cabinet makers, interior designers of the building, decoration designers, wardrobes, entrance doors and bedrooms ... utilize for beauty. Even the simplest cabinets, doors and chests can be decorated with beautiful handles and give them a good look. Furniture Accessories are used for two reasons: First, for its defined application, dragging the drawer and opening and closing the doors, the second is to add beauty to the cabinet and the closet, and consequently to the space of the house and the kitchen.

The majority of furniture accessories materials are metal, so they should be resistant to rust, color change, and burns caused by high utilization. After few years of using cabinet's and door's handles, changing color and blackness are seen in most of them even with famous brands. Nanostructured coatings produced by the PVD method will be available in a variety of colors with long lasting durability for all types of furniture accessories. 3A brand products are covered by this method.

  • Doorknob
  • Hinge
  • joke
  • Rail
  • screw
  • Base under the cabinet

 New designs in a variety of colors (gold, silver, rose gold and ...) durable, Eye-catching glow

The "hardness" of this product was evaluated in accordance with the national standard "Metal Materials - Vickers Hardening Test - Part I: Test Procedure" to ISIRI 7810-1, The results are as follows:

Control sample149Vickers
Nano sample739Vickers

 The specimen hardness is measured by measuring the surface strength versus the indentor. As it is known, the hardness of the main sample (coated with TiN) has increased compared to the control sample (without coating). Also, the corrosion resistance of this coating has been improved from 72 hours to 240 hours in comparison with Nickel-Chromium plated samples.

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2018/09/27

    Expire Date : 2019/09/26



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