Nano Silver Colloid

Silver Nanocolloid for Antibacterial Polyester Textiles Production
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Colloidal silver is a mineral solution containing silver ions and very small charged silver particles suspended in a liquid medium. As the particles have the same electrostatic charge, they repel each other and this keeps them in uniform suspension throughout the medium. This is why it is called a colloid. Although silver ions are important, a 100% solution of silver ions is not colloidal silver. Various names have been used to describe colloidal silver, such as silver sols. It is sometimes referred to as "Nano Silver" as the particles are in the range of 1 to 100 nm.

Silver nanoparticles are being used in numerous technologies and incorporated into a wide array of consumer products that take advantage of their desirable properties. This product is particularly used to produce antibacterial polyester textiles.

The real average size of spherical particle in this product is less than 30 nm, while hydrodynamic particle size resulted by DLS analysis is 17 nm with pdi equal to 0.638. NaNO3 has been resulted as byproduct from the synthesis procedure. This colloid is electro-sterically stable and silver concentration is 1010 ppm in it.

Silver nanoparticles are stabilized easily in nano-dimension which leads to formation more stable colloids. It could be mentioned that in nano-dimension, antibacterial effect of silver increases significantly, so that they are able to destroy over 650 bacterial species. These nanoparticles have significant antifungal activities against some ringworms.

 Antibacterial Activity
2Acceptable Standard Level
0Control Sample
3.06Nano sample (E.Coli)
3.62)Nano sample (Staphylococcus


Silver colloid should be stored in a cool, dark place as an additional step toward preserving shelf-life and overall quality. Amber colored storage bottles are recommended if storing your silver solution in bright daylight as they protect the silver content from exposure to UV rays which will hurt the stability of the ionic/colloidal silver solution. Do not freeze a colloidal silver solution as this will force the metallic silver content to agglomerate into large complexes of silver, greatly degrading the silver content and integrity.

It should be noted that there are limited investigations on safety of nanoproducts because of their new history. The most common negative side effect of colloidal silver on human’s body is a condition called argyria. It causes the skin and eyes to permanently become gray but it does not otherwise affect one's health. It is claimed that silver does not interact with other drugs or herbs.
This product is available in different volumes.

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2018/05/08

    Expire Date : 2021/05/07



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