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Paposh Antibacterial Gloves

Antibacterial Gloves containing Ag Nanoparticles
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Hands of the majority of people in routine daily activity are exposed to all kinds of germs and contaminants. Since the hand is in contact with throughout the body, the transmission of infection to other parts of the body including the eyes, ears, mouth, face and … is possible. Since in cold season need to use of gloves during daily activity is essential, hence existence of antibacterial properties in gloves can prevent some parts of transmission pollution and spread of disease.

Antibacterial Gloves to prevent from growing of germs and causing odor

Antibacterial PA6 yarns containing silver nanoparticles with dimensions less than 100 nm. The stability of nano antibacterial effect on fibers during washing and use is due to the adding nano silvers through the melt spinning procedure.

According to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal tests, our nano antimicrobial textiles have possibility to remove of bacteria such as E.Coli, S.Aureus. Antibacteria test was done according to ISIRI 11070 and the results was approved.

    Antibacterial Activity   
Acceptable Standard Level  2
  Control Sample  0
 Nano Sample (E.Coli) 3.68
 Nano Sample (S.aureus) 3.78

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2017/12/12

    Expire Date : 2018/12/11



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