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Antibacterial Selin towel

Antibacterial towel containing ZnO nanoparticle
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The towel can be a desirable place for the growth of bacteria because of being wet and touching by hand.  The antibacterial towel can be a suitable solution for avoiding being affected by bacteria. That picks up allergens, germs, and bacteria, locking them deep within the textile’s fibers. By adding ZnO nanoparticles, contaminant-attacking ions are released within the towel, stopping the growth of bacteria.

This product is an antibacterial towel.

With decreasing particle size to the nanoscale, the release of Zn ions increases, leading to increasing their antibacterial activity. 

This product shows meaningful antibacterial activity according to INSO 11070. The following table clarifies how high its activity against E.Coli and S.aureus bacteria is.

   Antibacterial Activity  
Acceptable Standard Level 2
 Control Sample 0
Nano Sample (E.Coli)2.09
Nano Sample (S.aureus)2.69


It should be noted that there are limited investigations on the safety of nanoproducts because of their new history.

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2019/02/24

    Expire Date : 2022/02/23



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