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Anahita Sanitary Faucet

Sanitary Faucet
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As the quality of water used for each person is extremely high, the quality and beauty of the valves used at each home is also important. Generally, the taps are made of two types of brass or dried lead alloys, and their only caotings, which make them look different. After the metal is used in the valves, the plating is of great importance, which can have a significant effect on the valve's resistance, and the better the coating quality, the longer the valves become worn off. Types of decorative coatings used for valves are brass, bronze, copper and steel. But since manufacturers always look for products with more beauty, quality and lifetime, Nowadays valves with nano structure coatings with higher hardness and corrosion resistance are produced. The most well-known of these decorative nanostructured coatings is TiN .
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  • Toilet taps
  • kitchen Taps
The "hardness" of this product was evaluated in accordance with the national standard "Metal Materials - Vickers Hardening Test - Part I: Test Procedure" to ISIRI 7810-1, The results are as follows:

Control sample
Nano sample
The specimen hardness is measured by measuring the surface strength versus the indentor. As it is known, the hardness of the main sample (coated with TiN) has increased compared to the control sample (without coating). Also, the corrosion resistance of this coating has been improved from 100 hours to 240 hours in comparison with Nickel-Chromium plated samples.

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2017/10/31

    Expire Date : 2018/10/30



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