Automotive Glass Waterproofing Spray

Automotive Glass Waterproofing Spray
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Nowadays, with the development of technology and with the usability of Nanotechnology the enormous products are produced leads to be moreover increased convenient in our everyday life. Creation of accidents causes to lack the proper and enough sight, especially in the inconvenient weather condition including rain and dust. It is worth mentioning, improvement of driver’s sight ability in the wet roads means, increased driver’s reaction to the unexpected accidents. Nano glass’ car Protector created an invisible layer on the car glass surface and In no way lead to no change a clarity of glass; by doing Nano-product on the glass and mirror of the car, the great transparent surface and clarity sight is created for the driver and in the driving time brought in rain and snow as drops and improved sight ability significantly and in the car moving in the speeds more than 80 Km/h the driver wouldn’t need a wiper. Nano glass’ car Protector is a product of Global Prefer company of Germany which in Iran, middle east and central Asia that exclusively packaged and spread by “Elm and Sanat Nano sun” company.

Creation of hydrophobic properties and easy to clean in the glass and mirror the various car.

Appearance: liquid

color: transparent – colorless

base: alcohol

PH: 5

Temperature of liquid maintenance: between +5 to +30 centigrade degree- away from direct radiation of sunlight

Usable surfaces:  glass’ windows of the front and beside and mirror of the car

In this product with the use of nanotechnology created a hydrophobic surface on the car’ glass. For the investigation, the resistance of cover against to wash is used of standards including ISIRI289, ASTM D2486. In this test, the doing force on abrasive and inert, acidic and alkaline solutions and a number of abrasive cycles are of controllable parameters and a number of 1000 cycles wash is suggested as one year.

The Contact angle of hydrophobic glass sample measured, after, had done abrasion to a number of 1000 cycles with water according to mention standard and an un-cover glass sample that results described by following:



1.     The consider surface do wash and dried completely then do wet the giant gray sponge and did take extra water it. Do clean the surface by sponge completely so as no effect left of stain, fat and dirty on its, then, the effects remained of sponge on its surface did clean with the dry handkerchief.

2.     did spray the clean solution on the surface and use one of the tissues in packaged do clean the surface, after then did washed and dried by purified water.Do spray Nano solution on the consider surface and with a fully cleaned tissue into the packaging did uniform the Nano on the surface so that all of the surfaces are smeared to Nano. After 20 minutes the Nano especial tissue again smeared by Nano solution and in the form of rotational do massage the consider surface smoothly ( only for more uniform the Nano solution on the surface). Nano after 24 hours on the surface is tightened. During this time any wet, dust or dirty should not connect with the surface.

Amount of use

  1. Clean solution: between 15 to 20 ml per m3
  2. Nano solution: between 15 to 20 ml per m3

Product durability conditions

  1. Product durability is roughly 20000Km or one year
  2. For durability of the Nano effect after running in no way, don’t use detergent’ material for wash (only do wash with purified water and tissue)


  • Do Maintain Away from direct sunlight and freeze
  • The maintained temperature to be between 30 to 50 centigrade degree
  • Before using of product, do empty the liquid inside reservoir of glass washer and fill that with water
  • Place of the Nano running must be worn and away from direct sunlight and rain and dust
  • The environment temperature and the consider surface to be between 20 to 25 centigrade degree
  • When used the clean and Nano solutions, certainly, do use of disposable clean gloves until effect of your skin fat and a dirty of your hand no remain
  • This product is not edible, be maintained away from children access


  • 50 ml of the clean solution
  • 50 ml of Nano car’ glass protector solution
  • 2 piece of tissue along with gloves
  • one piece of giant gray sponge
  • brochure of the product guide

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2018/01/28

    Expire Date : 2019/01/27



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