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Automotive Glass Waterproofing Spray

Automotive Glass Waterproofing Spray
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Nowadays with development of technology and use of Nanotechnology, so many products are produced in order to enhance everyday life. One of the reasons for car accidents is insufficient sight, specifically in inconvenient weather circumstances like rain or dust. It’s worth mentioning that driver’s reaction speed is completely related to his visibility in rainy and snowy roads while an unpredictable accident is happening. Car glass Nano protection creates an invisible layer on car glass and will not change the transparency any way. With application of this Nano product on car glass and mirrors, it will provide a transparent surface and a great visibility for driver and will cause rain and snow to form droplets on glass during driving so that visibility will increase. Also, with speed more than 80 Km/h there will be no need for wipers. Car glass Nano protection, is a product of Global prefer co. Germany which is packaged and sold exclusively by Nanosun Co. in Iran and Mideast.

Provides hydrophobicity and easier cleaning for car windshield and mirrors

  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: colorless
  • Basis material: Alcohol
  • Storage temperature: between 5 to 30 Celsius degree, avoid direct sunlight
  • Applicable surfaces: car windshield and side glasses

Using Nano technology, a hydrophobic surface is created on car windshield by this product. The standards ASTM D2486 and ISIRI 289 are used to examine wash resistance. In this test the applied force on abrasive, neutral, acid and base solutions and number of abrasion cycles are controllable parameters. Also, each 1000 washing cycles is assumed as 1 year.

The contact angle test was performed for hydrophobic glass, hydrophobic glass after 1000 washing cycles and witness sample. The results are as follows.

Contact Angle
SampleContact Angle
 Glass Sample40
 Hydrophobic glass98
 Hydrophobic glass  after washing95


Storage and application manual

First, wash the surface well and dry it. Then wet the gray giant sponge available in the package. Clean the surface using the sponge in a way that no stains remain. Then clean the sponge trace with a dry napkin. Spray the cleaning solution on the surface and clean it with one of the napkins available in the package. Now wash the surface with pure water and dry it.

Spray the Nano solution on the surface and disperse the solution on the surface using the available clean napkin in the product package. After 20 minutes wet the Nano specified napkin with the Nano solution again and rub the napkin gently on the surface rotationally (just for better dispersion). The Nano coating on the surface will get rigid after 24 hours. Avoid any contaminant on the surface in this period.

Usage amount:

  • The cleaning solution: 15 to 20 ml per square meter
  • Nano solution: 15 to 20 ml per square meter

Durability conditions:

  • durable for 20000 km or 1 year and for durability of Nano material effect do not use detergents for washing.
  • Wash only using pure water and napkin.


  1. Avoid direct sunlight or freezing
  2. Storage temperature is 5 to 30 Celsius degrees
  3. Before application of the Nano material, empty the car’s windshield washing liquid reservoir and fill it with pure water
  4. Apply the product indoor
  5. The ambient and surface temperature should be between 5 to 25 Celsius degrees
  6. Use of gloves is recommended during application of solutions to avoid hand’s trace or contaminant on the surface
  7. Not edible. Avoid children access


  • 50 ml cleaning solution
  • 50 ml Nano solution
  • 2 pieces of napkins along with gloves
  • One piece of gray giant sponge
  • Manual brochure


Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2018/01/28

    Expire Date : 2019/01/27



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