Antibacterial Women's T-shirt

Antibacterial Women's T-shirt containing Silver Nanoparticles
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Most women undergo sweating and skin scratches, skin sensation, skin redness and bad odor during daily activities with household cloth like t-shirt. Thus, in recent years some companies in the textile industry focused on producing antibacterial women clothes. Using nanotechnology as one of the powerful tools in this area has helped to improve the situation, so that now we can inhibit the growth of several known types of bacteria in women clothes by silver nanoparticles. The present product is an antibacterial women t-shirt which is woven from polyamide yarns containing silver nanoparticles.

 Sizing Free size up to 48
 Coloring Pink, yellow, orange and white
 Yarn Type Nylon contains 20ppm silver nanoparticles

According to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal tests, our nano antimicrobial textiles have possibility to remove of bacteria such as E.Coli, S.Aureus and fungi such as Candida and Trichophyton rubrum. These textiles don’t cause to skin sensitivity and irritation. Releasing test showed the absence of silver nanoparticles in wastewater of washing process. 

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2015/07/16

    Expire Date : 2016/07/14



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