Hard UPVC pipe containing nanoparticles

Hard UPVC pipe containing nanoparticles
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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, after polyethylene and polypropylene. Regular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a common, strong but lightweight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. If no plasticizers are added, it is known as UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). UPVC has high chemical resistance across its operating temperature range, with a broad band of operating pressures. Due to its long-term strength characteristics, high stiffness and cost effectiveness, UPVC systems account for a large proportion of plastic piping installations. It has been found that the addition of nanomaterials significantly improves both the toughness and stiffness of PVC.
This product is particularly used in different systems of wastewater transfer.
This product is UPVC pipe containing nanoparticles. It passed the requirement of ISIRI 9119-1 standard. In weight impact test, it is proved that the samples containing nanoparticles are much stronger than the non-containing ones.
Nanoparticles as nanofillers significantly increase the strength and module the of the polymer matrix. 
Avoid damaging the product.
This product is available in standard diameter and 6 m length.   

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2016/12/01

    Expire Date : 2017/12/01



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