Opaque water based acrylic varnish

Opaque water based acrylic varnish
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Since solvent based varnish are harmful for human health and need too much environmental considerations, water based varnish have gained lots of efforts for improvement. These varnish are significantly biocompatible and slightly toxic. While water based lacquer vapor is lightly hazardous and doesn’t include ignition danger like it’s solvent based type, water based acrylic varnish are recommended for use alongside Alvan water based acrylic paint as topcoat for improving coatings durability in every condition like light resistance, weather resistance and helps development of a glossy smooth surface. Less drying time and a good-looking finish are also these varnish properties. Other advantages for this type of lacquer are wash ability, better strength in final coating, ease of application and miscibility with water, lacking of malodor, abrasion resistance, UV and light resistance and biocompatibility.
This product is specifically To create Opaque surface used .to increase water based acrylic paint’s resistance and lifetime in addition to better gloss under sunlight.
  • Appearance: liquid
  • Solid content by weight (%): 40
  • Solid content by volume (%): 37
  • Density (gr/cm3): 1.05
  • Wet film thickness (µ): 100
  • Dry fiim thickness (µ): 35-40
  • Theoretical spreading rate (m2/lit): 10
  • Touch dry (hr): 1
  • Dry trough time (hr): 3
  • Min interval time (hr): 3
  • Full cure (days): 1
Generally, a Opaque surface formed of rough created into it, and blurring agents by creation this the rough on the surface, irregularities light reflection and leads to be seen a Opaque surface. In the semi-gloss water-based acrylic varnish used from nanoparticles as blurring agents.
According to the international standard, namely as “Paints and varnishes - Determination of gloss value at 20 degrees, 60 degrees, and 85 degrees” to number ISO 2813 and according to the method test mentioned in this standard means “Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss” to number ASTM D523 amount of glossiness this product evaluated which results that including the following table:
Glossiness ( in the 60-degree angle )
Less than 10 GUStandard acceptable limit
127GUWitness sample
10.6GUNano sample

The evaluation of the glossiness of acrylic varnish demonstrated the amount of light reflected off the surface that the varnish had been applied to it. According to the standard, the amount of glossiness in the 60-degree angle must be less than 10 GU for The Opaque acrylic varnish. Clearly, the glossiness of Nano sample with a little neglect stayed on in the standard range while the witness sample possess very high the glossiness.

Shake product well before use. Mix it with sufficient amount of water and then apply on substrate. The amount of lacquer and water mixture for brush, rollers and pistol are 10-15, 5-10 and 20-25 %wt. respectively. It’s recommended to store it in over than 10 Celsius degrees, 3 Celsius degrees more than dew point and humidity less than %80. Keep it cool and dry and also avoid direct sun light. Expiry date is 30 months after production.
Keep the container cool and dry and also avoid direct sun light in good ventilation. Avoid freezing. Close tight after use. Best usage period in case of well storage is 30 months after production. If swallowed or in case of eye contact (wash with plenty of water then) seek medical attention immediately.

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2016/08/30

    Expire Date : 2017/08/31



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