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LOW-E glass

LOW-E glass
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This product is heat transfer controller glass made of nano-layers of ceramic and metal designed to prevent heat transfer. To reduce energy loss through the building windows, glasses with special coatings known as Low-E (low emissivity) are used. As a result, when the glass is heated it reflects the heat instead of emitting it. The produced double-glazed glass is made of energy controller glass with heat transfer coefficient much smaller than that of ordinary glasses which saves energy in summer and winter and acts as a transparent thermal insulation.
  • Glass used in buildings, business centers and offices
  • Windows and building facades for controlling heat and cold
  • Production of double-glazed glass with low heat transfer coefficient
  • Coating thickness of about 30 nm applied on glass
  • Obvious reduction in infrared transmission through low-E glass compared with ordinary glass
  • Reduction in energy loss from 88.7% for conventional glass, to 8.2% for low-E glass
Ceramic and metallic nano-layers are coated on the glass by magnetic sputtering deposition. Nano-coating on low emissivity glass allows the transmission of visible range of the solar spectrum, but reflects thermal (infrared) and harmful radiations (UV).

Product Standard

  • NanoScale Certification

    NanoScale Certification

    Standard Date : 2015/05/06

    Expire Date : 2016/05/04



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