About Nanoproduct Certification Unit

NanoScale Certificate

The system of voluntary certification of NanoSclae was established in 2007 with the support of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) to enhance Consumer trust and confidence and to create Nanoproduct market transparency. NanoProduct Certification Unit (NPCU) monitor and certify nanoproduct based on national/international standards.

In accordance with international standard ISO-TS 80004-1 Nanoscale is a length range approximately from 1 nm to 100 nm. NanoScale certificate is assigned to the Nanotechnology product, tool and Service (source: ISO/TS 18110:2015).
  • Nanotechnology Product including:
a) Manufactured nanomaterial or engineered nanomaterial 
b) nano-enhanced/nano-enabled intermediate product 
c) nano-enhanced/nano-enabled final product
  1. Nanotechnology Tool means for analysis, manipulation or fabrication of nanomaterial or nanotechnology product
  2. Nanotechnology Service is a technical service that needs knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology

The main objectives of NanoSclae
  1. Protection of consumers Against unscrupulous manufacturers; 
  2. Confirmation of the quality and safety of nanotechnology products; 
  3. Formation of a positive attitude towards nanotechnology products; 

NanoScale Certification Process
  1. Submitting Technical Document
  2. Audit Companies Document (Technical and Organizational) 
  3. Inspection, Sampling and Testing
  4. Verifying Test Result and Approval
  5. Awarding NanoSclae Certificate