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With the outstanding efforts of Iranian technicians: "Plasma DEJ" gives the products the waterproof and anti stain characteristics.

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Basa Fanavaran Nasir Co. has succeeded in producing a vacuum plasma treatment machine titled "Plasma DEJ" which provide products with a waterproof and anti stain coat.

The vacuum plasma treatment machine introduced as "Plasma DEJ" shall be used to make a wide range of products, including shoes, textiles, and electronic and medical systems waterproof and anti stain

Since the late 2000s, Basa Fanavaran Nasir Co. has started its activities in the field of designing and manufacturing plasma generators and has developed its working range in producing such types of generators, such as cold plasma, hot plasma, low frequencies, microwave frequencies, RF frequencies and so on.

By the help of knowledge expansion over time and relying on experiences, the company has moved from the sub-system to the system level and has utilized the generators to produce a new product, means the vacuum plasma treatment machine.

Basa Fanavaran Nasir Co. has begun the process of designing and manufacturing this product since 2005, and the prototype design of this product lasted a year and a half which had a limited plasma capacity of 50 liters.

After providing the prototype to the relevant laboratories and processing the standard review as well as obtaining positive results, the design and manufacture of an industrial scaled sample of vacuum plasma treatment machine began about a year ago.

Since this product is not produced inside our country, the product manufacturing process includes machining and vacuum welding of stainless steel for the construction of a plasma chamber in a mechanical phase, the design and construction of whole electronic parts in order to create plasma production tools, and purchasing vacuum pumps from foreign suppliers.
Due to the dry, non-chemical, and non-water-based process, the industrial hydrophobizing plasma machine is environmentally friendly. Additionally, by creating waterproof and anti stain features for the three-dimensional objects in the garment and textile industry, it has many capabilities for various products of shoes, bags, carpets, fabrics, polystyrene, and leather goods.

One of these features is the hydrophobicity effect that makes the body healthier and safer when used for shoes and clothing. Electronic devices such as tablets or cellphones can also be placed inside this machine to obtain hydrophobicity feature.

The equipment creates a nanoscale polymeric coating to the extent of some molecular layers on the products it contains, such as shoes or clothing, and gives them waterproof and anti stain features, without any effect on the appearance and mechanical properties of the products.

This polymeric coating is not like a nylon net that covers the pores and affects the breathability of products such as shoes or clothing, but this layer is rounded around the threads and because of its very low surface tension, when it is placed on water, droplets of water slide on it preventing the water absorption in the product.

This product has no similar examples in the Iranian market, and its most important feature compared with the products produced by foreign companies is the price which is about one-fifth of the price of foreign products.

The launch ceremony of this product, sponsored by the Nano Technology Development Department, was held last March. Sepanta footwear manufacturing company also signed a contract with Basa Fanavaran Nasir Co. for the production of this product.

This machine can coat 48 pairs of shoes per cycle for a short period of time with the medium of plasma and only with electricity and the coated shoes would be waterproof and anti stain immediately after the process.

According to the company's executives, Basa Fanavaran Nasir's program will include the production and sale of vacuum plasma treatment machines to companies and factories as well as making their products hydrophobic.

The vacuum plasma treatment machine known as "Plasma DEJ" has a nanoscale approval certificate with a one-year credential from the Nano Technology Development Department.



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