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A Water- and Fire- Resistant Insulation Produced with the Help of Water Repellant Nanoparticles

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Rockwool is one of the most harmless insulation materials in the world that has fire-resistant of up to 4 hours. Recently, a research team of Isfahan, Iran, has succeeded in producing four different types of nanoscale rockwool products called: “Tubular Rock Wool”, “Blanket Rock Wool”, “Quilt Rock Wool”, and “Beds Rock Wool”.

The raw material for the production of rockwool (which is insulation for sound and heat) is a basalt volcanic rock from the family of igneous rocks. Rockwool is a member of warm insulators category of the mineral type, consisting of very fine fibers with a diameter of 4 to 7 microns and a length of 5 to 70 mm.

Researchers of Sepahan Insulation Industry Company have been able to produce four types of rockwools called “Tubular Rock Wool”, “Blanket Rock Wool”, “Quilt Rock Wool”, and “Beds Rock Wool” with several applications in various industries.

Rockwool panel can be used for floors, walls and ceilings of buildings, ships, airports and subways, petrochemical complexes, power plants and refineries, sandwich panel construction and steam generation centers. The oil, gas and petrochemical industries, furnaces and ovens, steam boilers, turbines, ducts, valves, and flanges might use rockwool blanket. Rockwool mattress is also utilized to cover false ceiling and sheds' ceilings, airflow channels, cooling water systems, walls of the conference room to absorb the sound and prevent vibrations. Rockwool pipe section can also be treated for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, in pipes with steam and hot and cold fluids, thermal and refrigerating systems, air conditioning and industrial and home installations.

To produce rockwool in this company, the needed raw material with specific mesh grading and composition has been melted in the furnace at a temperature of 1300 to 1500 degrees Celsius. It is then treated by spraying a resin containing fibrous nanoparticles producing the raw rockwool. In the next step, the raw rockwool is compressed and heated at a temperature of about 200 °C, and finally, the final product is produced regarding the type, thickness, density, and dimensions according to the program presented programs to the computer system.

Rockwool can absorb water when exposed to rainwater and moisture in the environment making a bad smell in addition to a heavy increase in weight. The thermal conductivity of the mineral fibers of rockwool is significantly dependent on the amount of water absorption. In the presence of moisture, due to the conductivity of the water, it increases the thermal conductivity, and additionally, the wet insulation leads to corrosion. To prevent these problems, the product contains water-repellent nanoparticles which minimize the amount of water absorption. The distinguishing feature of nanoscale rockwool produced by Sepahan Insulation Industries Co. is to minimize water absorption, while other products on the market may cause these problems with water absorption. It should be noted that the nanoscale features' durability in this nanoparticle-containing rockwool is very high, and the nano-layer will be maintained stable until its durability (which has a long life).

Among advantages of the rockwools produced in this company, the simple and convenient installation, non-toxicity and environmentally friendly, high sound absorption, high-temperature resistance, physical and chemical dimensions' stability, lightness, and resistance to moisture and water penetration are to be pinpointed.

Sepahan Insulation Industries Co. is a member of the Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers and a member of the Laboratory of the Isfahan Institute of Standard. The company holds ISO-9001 certificates from the German TUV Nord company and AJA Co. (United States, Japan, UK), and ISO-TS 9001 from AJA, and has obtained approvals from Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC), The National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), Supplying Petrochemical Industries Parts, Equipments and Chemicals Eng Co. (SPEC), Oil Industries Engineering and Construction (OIEC), Iranian Offshore Oil Company, South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company, and Persian Gulf Holding.

It is worth mentioning that Sepahan Insulation Industries Co. performs with an Italian production line and a nominal capacity of 24,000 tons annually locating in Isfahan province, Koohpaye Industrial Park. In 2017, the company was recognized as the producer of superior R&D products due to scientific research, improvement of existing technology, as well as environmental activities and innovations in the production of new products (products that have an impact on reducing energy consumption), and has rewarded a statue is in the Isfahan province.



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