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Provision of Safe, Clean, and Cheap Energy by Producing Nanocatalytic Radiation Heater

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Behfaravaran Novin Ariya Sarmad Co. succeeded in the production of radiation heater containing catalytic nanoparticles at commercialized scale. The aim of this product is to use flameless combustion technology at low temperature by using nanocatalysts in order to provide safe, clean, and cheap energy.
In radiation catalytic heaters, fuels such as natural gas, propane, and butane react with oxygen in a layer containing catalytic nanoparticles at low temperature, without creating flames, without production of NOx pollutants with high safety through catalytic combustion phenomenon. The results of the reaction are carbon dioxide, steam, and infrared radiation energy emitted from the heater surface to be used in heating applications.

Due to the elimination of flame, these heaters can also be used in hazardous industries such as oil and gas, where normal systems with flame cannot be used. 

Implementation of nanocatalysts in this product results in reduction in activation energy level for the combustion reaction and also in a decrease in temperature. Since the combustion is flameless, the safety in these systems is very high. In addition, the reaction is carried out completely due to the use of nanocatalysts and no environmental pollutants are produced. Therefore, these heaters are known as environmental friendly systems.

Complete combustion and not polluting the environment are the reasons that these heaters do not require stacks. It results in optimization in energy consumption as well as ease of installation and application.

Results of nanotechnology analyses show that the presence of nanocatalysts at about 50 nm in size and the combustion of natural gas on it is the reason for such unique properties. The nanocatalysts are placed on a fiber-like bed, and they create active surfaces for reaction.

Results of the test show that catalytic radiation heaters can burn natural and liquid gas at a temperature range of 400-500°C without flame.

The efficiency of these systems at normal condition is higher than 95% due to the complete combustion of the fuel, and about 80% of the entrance gas converts into radiation energy and the rest is transferred to the heater environment through conduction or convection. 

The heaters are produced and presented to the market in two models of simple (with a capacity of 2-23 kW) and with fan (with a capacity of 5-50 kW). Thermal flow emitted from the simple produce and the one with the fan is about 20 and 40 kW/m2, respectively. Convection mechanism as well as radiation mechanism helps heat transfer in catalytic heaters with fan. 

Among the applications of this product, mention can be made of oil and gas industries (preheating of process liquids, local heating of instrumentation, …), painting furnaces (wood, plastic, metals with 80% reduction in energy consumption), thermal operational furnaces, coating furnaces, dryers (tiles, wood, paper, fabrics, leather, …), foodstuff (drying of rice, nuts, wheat, tea, vegetables, fruits, …), static and mobile heating in workplaces, workshops, flower houses, aviculture, caravans, and houses. 

The use of catalytic radiation heaters in various industries creates advantages in those applications. For example, the use of these heaters in paint industry increases the time of drying up to three times but decreases the length of the furnace to one-third. This fact results in reduction in fuel consumption and energy saving.

In general, the advantages of this product are high safety due to being flameless, low pollution due to the lack of production of NOx and very low production of CO, high efficiency due to the complete combustion of natural gas, slow performance and lower maintenance cost due to the lack of the presence of rotary pieces or quick starts of catalytic furnaces.

Behfaravaran Novin Ariya Sarmad Co. is a knowledge-based company that was established in 2010, and succeeded to obtain knowledge-based certificate from the Science and Technology Deputyship of the Presidential Office in 2017.

The main core of the company consists of members of the scientific board and PhD students of Faculty of Mechanics, Iran University of Science and Technology. The company carried out research on catalytic heaters since the establishment, and it succeeded in compiling and localization of technical knowledge to design and produce catalytic heaters for the first time in Iran and the Middle East in 2014.

The product acquired Laboratorial NanoScale Certificate from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council in September 2016 after a full process of evaluation. The product succeeded in obtaining NanoScale Certificate in the present year after selling the product at large scale.

Job opportunities have been created for 7 persons in direct manner and for 5 persons in an indirect manner due to the production of this product, which is expected to be produced 150 units in a year. 

The company has carried out marketing activities and sold products in various fields such as Tehran Province Gas Company, Semnan Province Gas Company, Mamut Company, Zar Makaron Company, Pars Tiles Company, Salafchegan Pipe Coatings, Bistoon Petrochemical Units, and etc. 

The company is programming at present to develop markets to exports its products to the countries in the area.

According to the announcement of Behfaravaran Novin Ariya Sarmad Co., the company has used some services provided by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council in the production and presentation of its product, among which mention can be made of consultation, Laboratory Network fund, provision and update of business plan and assessment report, current capital loans, and support of participation in domestic and international exhibitions.



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