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Another Achievement by Iranian Researchers; Acrylic Carpet with Antibacterial Properties

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As the population of cities increase every day, the possibility of diseases and eye, skin, and respiration allergies increases as well. Taking into consideration the fact that some allergies are caused by the direct contact of people with carpets thread and lint, it is necessary to discuss new parameters in selecting an appropriate carpet, such as the cleanness of the carpet and its effect on the family’s health.

As the new generation of carpets have emerged based on novel and advanced technologies such as nanotechnology, the production of antibacterial carpets is very important in order to improve the health and hygiene in the society.

The use of antibacterial carpets is very important to patients and those who suffer from skin, eye, and respiration allergies because these carpets are anti-fungi, odorless, and anti-allergic. Since kids and house members have direct contact with the carpet for a long time, the use of antibacterial carpets significantly increases the health of the family.

Researchers from Mashad Carpet Company have recently succeeded in the production of acrylic carpet with antibacterial properties with the support of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).

Researchers created antibacterial properties in the fibers in this research by adding antibacterial nanoparticles during the dying process and by adding the nanomaterials to the dye, which takes 4 hours. Then, the produced fibers that have antibacterial properties are taken to spinning unit and they are converted to threads. Finally, the threads are used to weave the carpet. 

The woven carpet has antibacterial effects because the dye has been combined with nanomaterials. The carpet has antibacterial effects as long as the paint is stable in the carpet. The carpet can be used in public places such as mosques, hotels, and also in houses.

The project is at production process now but no advertisement has so far been carried. The product will be presented to the market in near future. The target markets are Iran, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, and Europe.

The antibacterial carpet acquired NanoScale Certificate from INIC on 11 October 2017. However, since the NanoScale Certificate has been acquired recently, no prediction of the production and sale is available.

It must be pointed out that Mashhad Carpet Company is the largest member of Mashhad Industrial Group, and one of the largest producers of industrial carpet in Iran. This company was established in Mashhad in 1977 with the annual capacity of 240,000 square meters. Its annual capacity increased to 2,400,000 square meters in order to compete with local and international rivals with the help of skillful groups including experienced managers, expert engineers, and skilled workers. The company also uses the highest quality in the production of industrial carpets to present them into the Iranian and international markets. The company is at present the largest exporter of carpets to Europe, America, Oceania, and Asia. 



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