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Thermo-Bank Enables Transfer of Thermal Energy

News Date : 2017-08-27 News Visited Count : 397
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Hemavan Energy Spadana Co. produces a product to absorb thermal energy under the title Thermo-Bank, and it presents the product to the market at a price of about $80. The product is based on nanotechnology and it is produced by using the knowledge of Iranian experts. This product saves heat similar to electricity, and it transfers the heat to wherever it is needed.

Thermo-Bank technology was firstly put to display in Research Week in the presence of the Minister of Science, Research, and Technology. It was also considered an opportunity for investment in Sheik Baha’ee Festival, held in April 2017, and acquired designing, manufacturing, and storage permission from Science and Research Town.

The unique characteristic of the product is that Thermo-Bank can be charged and discharged several times. In addition, the release of energy is carried out in a controlled manner, which means the stored heat can be released in a few steps,

and it is possible to transfer the heat to far away spots with difficult access. 
This product provides a safe source of heat all the time, and it can be used in the heating of a car with its engine off, or for making warm the hybrid automobiles that have problems in this regard.

There is water in the exit of the product instead of gas or smoke. Therefore, it is very effective in the preservation of the environment and wasting heat sources, and it also affects creation of jobs and production of wealth.

Another type of the thermal energy sorbent can be used for the storage and transference of heat produced in industrial plants in order to transfer heat to other industries such as livestock, birds, and greenhouses or in solar water heaters in residential buildings, where hot water has a significant effect on the cost of energy. Among other applications of this technology, mention can be made of automatic washing machines, carwashes, washing machines in military industry, heating devices, and swimming pools.

The exportation of the product to other countries can result in high economic benefit for the country. It must be pointed out that as the price of energy carriers constantly increases, the exportation of waste heat is very cost effective.

According to this report, thermal energy sorbent product has been commercialized but no profit has been gained by the producing company. Hemavan Energy Spadana Co. is negotiating with the Municipality over a contract to sell 100 Thermo-Banks, but the contact has not yet been signed. It must be pointed out that the both products of the company have acquired NanoScale certificate from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.  



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