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Iran Joins the Few Countries Producing Carbon Based Quantum Dots

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Quantum dots were produced firstly in about 2000, based on carbon. The new quantum dots had different properties from the formerly used quantum dots, where were usually based on metals. Among the characteristics of carbon based quantum dots, mention can be made of low toxicity, economic advantage, and high thermal conductivity. The Iranian knowledge based company Shimi Sanat Roshd Sahand succeeded in the production of carbon based quantum dots with lower price in comparison with the similar samples made by foreign companies.

Carbon based quantum dots have been produced through bottom-up method. Carbon compounds are oxidized under specific circumstances in order to break the carbon bond. The compounds rearrange in a way that carbon based quantum dots are formed. These compounds are functionalized and the desirable structure can be engineered according to the functional groups.

Carbon based quantum dots have high thermal and electrical conductivity and more intense and stronger optical properties in comparison with the previous generation while they also have fluorescence and optical properties similar to the previous quantum dots. The properties of carbon based quantum dots is the reason why they are widely used in multidisciplinary sciences such as medicine and imaging, physics, chemistry, electronics and electrical boards. For example, this structure can be used in biological imaging instead of radio-drugs, or they can be used in the production of the new generation of LEDs in huge enterprises.

This product is produced only in a few countries all over the world. In Iran, Shimi Sanat Roshd Sahand Company produces 40-50 kg of this structure on a daily basis in an industrial pilot plant. Taking into consideration the high value added of this product, the production is considered to be in an industrial scale, and it can be increased due to the demand and need of the industrial companies.

Shimi Sanat Roshd Sahand Company has used quantum dots in industrial lubricants produced by the company due to their high thermal conductivity, which resulted in a decrease in the friction between pieces in industrial devices. This product can also be used in fluorescent paints, shining sprays, and industrial cleaners.

The product succeeded in obtaining NanoScale Certificate from Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council Evaluation Unit on 16 May 2017. 



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