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Production of leather protective wax with antibacterial properties by Iranian researchers

News Date : 2016-06-25 News Visited Count : 1479
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According to the market demand for a product to clean leather, Kimia Pazhohesh Mahan Co. has manufactured a new polishing material for leather products using herbal compounds and nanoparticles.
Silver has antibacterial properties and in the form of nanoparticles, it shows a high diffusion capability and provides a higher rate for chemical reaction; therefore, the desirable properties of silver nanoparticles were employed in the manufactured product so the polish not only cleans the surface of the leather and wooden products, but also increases the natural life via penetrating the surface and eliminating the bacteria in the bulk of the material. it is in contrast with the present chemical detergents which destroy the polymer chains of the leather and gradually deteriorate and corrode the leather over time.

According to Mr. Ali Yusef Gomrokchi CEO of the Kimia Pazhohesh Mahan knowledge based company, the ingredients of this product is different from current common detergents comprising of petroleum compounds, solvent and paraffin and it does not have an unpleasant smell so it can be used for cleaning of home and office furniture, leather handbags, laptop and cellphone, bag, shoe and car seat.

He also added that the herbal tonic for wood and leather has a pleasant smell due to the natural aroma of the compound used in its formula and unlike the common wax polishes available in the market which cannot be conveniently used in small apartments because of the unpleasant smell originating from their chemical ingredients, the smell of the herbal tonic is not disturbing.

The herbal cleaner containing nanoparticles with a diameter smaller than 100 and spherical morphology has been mass manufacture and is now available in the market. in addition, the product received the Nanoscale certificate with the validity of one year in Ordibehesht 1395.



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