Establish Year 2011 Register 506717

Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceuticals is a recently established Iranian-based pharmaceutical company with the main focus on the implementation of technology-oriented projects in the pharmaceutical field. The emerging technologies in parallel with the emerging diseases related to the third millennium life-style of the humans are the driving force for us to devote all our capacities and possibilities to provide the best pharmaceuticals for human health and therapy. Benefiting from a highly educated and accredited team، our Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceuticals will be strongly active and sensitive to global-threatening diseases and the world health-challenging issues. In this way، Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceuticals will do its best to take remarkable contribution in the global، regional and national campaigns against the healthcare threats and emerging human problems.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Central Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 15469-13111 021-26406335 021-89786079
Factory Zanjan Zanjan Postal Code : 45186-33747 024-32221811 024-
Factory Qazvin Qazvin Postal Code : - -



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