Toseye Hesgarsazan Asia Co.

Establish Year 2001 Register 410

Toseye Hesgarsazan Asia (Sensiran) is an industrial and research company was found in 2001 in Technology Pardis Park in Boomhen, Tehran, Iran. This is a knowledge-based company which relies strongly on the development of laboratory facilities as well as conventional sensors for gas and flow detection. In 2008, we introduced our first direct-current plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) unit called as PE-800 for the growth of carbon nanotubes and nanostructures. This unit was upgraded to PE-802 and PE-803 where more deposition reactors were integrated to improve the performance of the unit. Later on the first version of low-pressure CVD (LPCVD) called as LP-80 was introduced, which allows the growth of polysilicon, silicon-nitrides and silicon nanowires. The unit has been adjusted to hold a high safety standard both in terms of the gas handling unit as well as the main reactor.
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Central Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 1389934465 +9821-66967793 - 76250163 - 76250164 +9821-66967793



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