Establish Year 1981 Register 42909

Alvan paint & resin production is a dynamic company where in order to provide the consumers with the best products & services, the quality of the products plus customer satisfaction have always been its first priority. Spirit of courage, entrepreneurship and commitment to honesty, is, and has been the cornerstone of our success. We are proud to claim as one of the best and most honorable cooperatives in manufacturing decorative and industrial paints and coatings. This position has been maintained since ALVAN’s introduction in 1981. ALVAN cooperative is one of the premier brands in the industry due to the unrivaled quality, innovation, value creation, efficiency and active participation. The company has gained wide recognition & excellent reputation as a leader in quality coatings, outstanding customer service, continuous financial growth, and most importantly, integrity. ALVAN is renowned and Iranians are loyal to it. Our competent and reliable team assess raw materials, technology and new services, to improve productivity and production/ manufacturing process. ALVAN has been originated a family business and till now as the industry's leading company , for consistency in the continuous improvement of products, following technologies, new packaging, motivate qualified personnel, the proactively respond to customer needs and an unwavering commitment to innovation and because of research and development of new products, our company has been well reputed among the society. ALVAN with emphasis on sustainability and durability of its products' options and focus on new processes, manufactures goods, with minimal effects on nature. Alvan company is also a leader in the environmental strategies and brings its green ideas with regard to new technologies into practice. Research and development (R & D) in the company does not just work in combination with other paints, but it provides new solutions to protect valuable public & private commercial assets, ranging from houses to factories, the roads to the bridges , furniture and ships ranging boats to canoes, refineries and other industries . Our research and development professionals set range of paints that are reinforced with nano technology, in comparison with conventional products, their stability and shelf-life are much more better and each of these products has unique properties like anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, breath-ability, durability in adverse environmental conditions and many other features to mention. We use information technology and computer professionals, comprehensive automation systems in our industrial and commercial complexes; Our success is a direct result of our covenant to offer products of the highest quality. Alvan owes its internal and external success to support, suggestions and constructive comments of the customers and is willing to receive your guidance.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Central Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 15898-65714 +9821-88847444 +9821-88303389
Factory Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 13991-53611 021-88847444 021-88303389



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