Golsar Polymer Pad

Establish Year 2014 Register 1401

The Golsar Polymer Golpayegan was founded in 2014 under the gpg abbreviation. . The company has grown continuously with the use of talent for powerful forces, technical knowledge of the day, continuous development of business and promotion of lines and production facilities, and by expanding its products in the field of pipes and fittings, it has managed to complete the consumer basket of goods. Provides diverse products individually to customers. Now the factory with an area of 3000 square meters is located in the industrial city of Golpayegan as one of the largest manufacturers in the field of pipes and fittings. The Golsar Polymer Golpayegan executives have put the following on their agenda by relying on team effort and emphasis on organizational commitment and respect for values.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Factory Isfahan Golpayegan Postal Code : 87871-33132 031-57248108 031-57248078



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