Establish Year 2018 Register 1515

Since its inception in 1397, Rangin Nano Nahal Novin Co. has been focusing on nano-products and developing foreign markets as a nano-branched branch of Rangin Nano nahal co. Since the Rangin Nano nahal company also produces ordinary electrostatic coatings and focuses on this area, the board of directors of nano-seedling decided to differentiate its field of activities, and I am a member of Mahdi Rahmani, a former CEO of Rangin Nano nahal, with 7 The invention of nano in the area of ​​coatings, split from the nano-colored body, with a focus on the growth center of the Roudehen University of Technology units, with the possession of laboratory and semi-industrial facilities at that center, as well as the focus on the 1000-ton production project in China (As the first project to transfer know-how and production in China), Since the beginning of 1397, I have expanded my research and marketing activities at this facility. Meanwhile, we produced and marketed three families of products in this area: the first group is the anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion powder coatings nano tech, the second is the powder of nano-zinc oxide, which we have been producing in laboratory laboratory. The 3th is the water base rust converter, which is designed for rusty surfaces, and has been successful in contracting for the production of 240 tons per year in China (the transfer of know-how from Iran to China), while producing and selling in Iran.
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Central Office Tehran Roude Hen Postal Code : 021-11111111 -
Sales Office Tehran Pardis Postal Code : 021-76218209 -



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