Behran Filter

Establish Year 1992 Register 7309

The Behran Filter industrial manufacturing company has reached to a high level of technology and a wide variety of products since it was first established in 1993. Starting with the production of a few auto filters in those days, we are now producing over 500 kinds of high quality filters for various types of vehicles such as passenger cars, pickups, busses, trucks, agricultural and road constructional machineries; as well as industrial filters such as those used in gas and petrochemical refineries, turbines, power plants, steel and copper industries, etc. The reputation of our filters in quality and price made it possible for us to pass the geographic frontiers to export them.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Central Office Tehran Tehran   021-88971120 021-88971124
Factory Khorasan Razavi Mashhad Postal Code : 9358187558 051-32453282 051-32453284
Sales Office Khorasan Razavi Mashhad   051-31-38459630 051-38457887



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