Asia Technology Pioneers Ltd

Establish Year 2004 Register 218757

Lotus Traffic Marking Paint: Our traffic paints are enriched with nanoparticles and offer you improved paint performance. We manufacture and sell traffic paints, safety coatings and road marking products that are applied to highways, streets and parking lots. Whether your challenge is to improve the long-term performance of traffic paint markings or to comply with environmental regulations, there is an Lotus Traffic Marking Paint formulation to meet your specifications and requirements Applied nanoparticlaes in Lotus NanoPaint improve Mechanical properties also extol corrosion resistance of paint’s layer against to salt, chemicals and fuels. High scratch, abrasion resistance and durability are theother main specifications. It causes that the Lotus Nanopaint can provide good candidate for application in very humid, hot and also cold environments. These products has the support and endorsement of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative
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Central Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 14166-74465 +9821-88992148-88992751 + 9821-66974929
Factory East Azerbaijan Tabriz Postal Code : 041-34329820 041-34329821



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