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Establish Year 2010 Register 992

KILOPICO is a Nanotechnology Company established in 2010 by a group of nano-engineers with the aim of developing and commercialization of this brand new technology domestically and internationally. Due to the great intellectual potential and academic researchers within the borders and Iran’s promising ranking in nano research, KILOPICO as the pioneer consulting firm in the field of nanotechnology serves its clients domestically and internationally with the technological knowhow. According to the current dilemmas in our industries, specially on the aspects of waste of resources and delivering products in the circle of sustainable procurement, nanotechnology provides a vast opportunity to meet the needs of industry mostly in fields of energy saving, quality, and competitive advantage in the market. So due to the promising effectiveness of this technology, KILOPICO as a pioneer company in commercialization of nanotechnology aim to benefit the producers and manufacturers by the help of researchers and sister companies.
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Central Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 1657163871 +9821-7625 1120 +9821-4385 7170



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