Kian Rangin

Establish Year 2015 Register 76

From the beginning of previous century, coating powders entered the big market of industrial coatings and because of their better results comparing with solvent base coatings, presently they are widely used in different industries. We have begun producing coating powders in Kian Rangin since 1999 not only as an industry but also as an art. From that time, our efforts have concentrated on producing high quality products to satisfy the demands of different industries. That is why at present this unit is one of the pioneers in producing coating powders in Iran and Middle East, which by means of modern technology and equipment can produce different kinds of coating powders.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Central Office Tehran Tehran   +9821-22222802 +9821-22274935
Factory Tehran Tehran   +9821-76225132 +9821-76225132



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