Tehran Zar Nakh

Establish Year 1997 Register 133277

Tehrani Manufacturing group (TMG) consists of three companies Tehran Taknakh(Nylon and Polyester POY & FOY) , TakrangNakh (Yarn dyeing), Tehran Zarnakh (the first manufacture of nano antibacterial nylon fibers in Iran) , one of the biggest factories in Iran was established in 1990. Technical supports with the quality-oriented attitude of board members are the main assets of Tehran Zarnakh Company. In this regard, the effort of research and development department (R & D) of Tehran Zarnakh caused to manufacturing of the first antibacterial nylon fibers containing silver nano particles in 2009.
Center Type State City Address Tel Fax
Sales Office Tehran Tehran Postal Code : 021-22255127 021-22255130
Factory Qazvin Qazvin Postal Code : 0282-2220060-70 0282-2223572



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